Virtuoso Piano Music of Our Own Time

Label: JLH Lasersound
Order No: JLH 1002 DDD
Christina Petrowska Quilico, piano

An eclectic mix of modern and jazz works by Ann Southam, Henry Cowell, Olivier Messiaen, Art Tatum, George Gershwin, Alexina Louie, Barbara Heller, Lowell Lieberman and Frederic Rzewski.

Ann Southam: Glass Houses
Henry Cowell: Six Ingsl
Olivier Messiaen: La Première Communion de la Vierge
Olivier Messiaen: Noël
Art Tatum: I'll Never Be The Same
Art Tatum: Don't Get Around Much Anymore
George Gershwin: Gershwin Suite
Alexina Louie: Star Filled Night
Barbara Heller: Anschlusse
Lowell Lieberman: Apparitions
Frederic Rzewski: Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues

Globe and Mail
"She's not kidding. This selection of tough numbers from the present day covers an extremely wide range, from Olivier Messiaen to Art Tatum. Petrowska Quilico's catholic approach makes for some intriguing juxtapositions and highlights music that might be overlooked. Three pieces show how much strong music is being written by women. Petrowska Quilico turns in several equally strong performances."

- Robert Everett Green, The Globe & Mail
Toronto Star
"The playing as usual with Petrowska Quilico, peddles brilliance with a capital B."

- William Littler, Toronto Star